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Papa Don’t Preach

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Pope Benedict

Defending hetrosexuality is as important as saving the rain forests, according to Pope Benedict XVI.

The Pontiff, speaking in his holiday address, said that the distinction between men and women was central to human nature and asked that, “asks that this order, set down by creation, be respected”.

So for the Catholic church, Christmas really is a time of good will to all men (as long as they are straight) and women (as long as they know their place).

Faith groups in general, and the Catholic church in particular, have been catalysts for social change and defenders of the meek for centuries but it’s this sort of statement that ensures they seem out of touch to many people.

It seems strange to be able to preach about the birth of Christ and at the same time try to oppress the rights of minority groups.

While I’m not religious, I understood the message of Christ to be one of love for all and acceptance.

Reports recently suggested that Church of England congregations could drop to around 10% of their already depleted levels and while I have no idea how Catholic churches are doing, it appears to me that Chuch leaders need to leave their own prejudice at the door and talk about the many positive messages that religion has to offer the world.

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