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Judged by a jury of my peers

Mowords on Twitter

12 people in a carriage

Two Galatasaray fans, dripping in red and yellow, on their way to watch their team in the Champions league.  Clearly on TV in a Turkish bar, since Gala are playing in Istanbul tonight.

An Asian Brit, knowledgeably talking to them about violence in Turkish football – apparently it’s all Trabzonspor’s fault.

A very smartly dressed Asian couple. He in a shiny suit with a hankie poking out of his top pocket. Her in a white sari and glasses that would have suited Gina Lollobridgida. Take in the scenes on the tube as if observing peasants during the Raj.

A Canadian sounding young lesbian couple pretend badly that they are just friends. Holding hands, whispering and furtively looking around to gauge the reactions of the rest of the carriage.

A white architect in his 50s. Dressed in the scruffy way that says ‘I’m an intellectual’, buries his head in his impressive looking plans.

A couple of work colleagues, who ‘have been around as long as they have’, gossip about their mutual office hate figure who really doesn’t deserve the easy ride she gets.

And me, looking quite ghetto but wishing the cute woman reading this over my shoulder knew that I was a writer.


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