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Mouth of the Marmoset is a space to share ideas about the world we all live in and a platform to discuss how to make it better.

The site was founded by me, Maurice McLeod, director of Marmoset Media and an established journalist interested in society and ways to make it fairer for all.

Marmoset Media aims to change the world with compelling content.


I write regular commentary for the Guardian’s comment pages and am also a director of campaign group Media Diversified and a trustee at Race on the Agenda.

In an 18 year career before launching Marmoset Media, I have worked on a range of national newspapers including The Guardian, The Independent, The Voice and The Daily Express and charity champion NCVO.

I also launched contract publishing company, Snowmedia, and briefly worked on The Sunday Times, The Evening Standard, The Morning Star, Channel 4’s Website and Red Pepper.

I have edited a number of publications including:

  • Single Step (for the Depression Alliance)
  • Engage (NCVO’s award winning members’ magazine for charities)
  • Open Mind (Quarterly magazine for Mind)
  • Voluntary Voice (The London Voluntary Service Council’s bi-monthly magazine for the charity sector)
  • Aspire Magazine (A monthly careers magazine aimed and young black and Asian people)
  • Dealing With It (Mental Health charity Rethink’s guide to mental illness for minority communities)
  • Recovered But Not Covered (Macmillan Cancer Support’s report into the travel insurance industry’s treatment of people living with cancer)

I was a finalist in the Best Print Journalist category at the EMMA awards and was the London pilot manager of Myguide, a £22m DfES project to help people learn how to use the internet.

I am also a trustee at Race on the Agenda.

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