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Learning to love thy new neighbour

Deep down, I’ve always been a bit of a bigot.

That’s not an easy thing for a ranting lefty to admit, but I can only change what I accept exists so it’s time for my ego to face the music and do the dance of contrition.

Gentrify This billboard at the Cans Festival, Leake Street, London

Gentrify This billboard at the Cans Festival, Leake Street, London

If we are being truly open minded, our beliefs evolve, nurtured by experiences – both ours and those of other people, throughout our lives. Over the years, I’ve faced down my sexism, become comfortable with diverse religious doctrines and got over my homophobia.

There is a minority group, though, that I regularly let myself socially discriminate against, either with snide remarks on social media or just casual everyday bigotry. I’ve been pulled up for mocking the way they speak and dress.

I’ve caught myself tutting loudly when stuck behind them at the local supermarket as they squeal with delight because it now stocks some exotic produce or other.

I guess on some level I just doubted their intentions.

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Breaking free from Terry’s creepy clutches (Irena unchained)


This is in response to Toby Young’s Spectatorblog

Not a day passes that I am not overjoyed to have broken free from the overbearing self absorbed prick, who treated me as a skivvy for years.

I was an academic in Russia, teaching geology but my life fell apart somewhat with the collapse of communism and I was forced to eek out a living being at the beck and call of a snivelling little man. (more…)